The use of essential oils for varicose veins treatment

The use of essential oils for varicose veins treatment

Most of us know that varicose veins are the ugly looking enlarged veins that appear on our legs or other parts of our body. Some of us who do not have any pain just consider it an ugly blemish. But some suffer from pain that can range from mild to severe. Such people go in for Varicose veins treatment Sydney. Medical practitioners always try to solve the problem with simple methods; but at times invasive techniques might have to be adopted.

Sometimes you could even have varicose veins which do not bulge, are buried deep and are invisible. Hence, you could experience discomfort or pain without knowing the cause of it.

Generally, the symptoms that most people face are –

Discomfort and pain, swollen ankles and feet, a throbbing or burning sensation, skin discoloration, a feeling of heaviness in the legs, itchy skin or muscle cramps especially at night. These symptoms usually worsen during summers, warm weathers or later in the day.

Depending on the severity of the pain, varicose veins treatment Sydney might not always be required. If the pain is mild, the doctor might just advise certain prevention methods like compression stockings, massage therapies and so on. But if the pain is severe, then more invasive techniques like ablation, surgery or sclerotherapy are used.

But let’s talk about natural ways in which we can handle the pain and the appearance of varicose veins. Before going in for complicated methods, it is always best to try out some natural home remedies which may help you. Let’s concentrate on Essential oils.

These are probably a little expensive but they are easy to take anywhere and can be used freely. These essential oils are a solution to several chronic problems.

Helichrysum – This essential oil is considered to be a great solution for varicose veins. It has anesthetic and anticoagulant characteristics. It helps in the prevention of clots which can happen in the accumulated blood in the bulging veins. Just an application of 2 or 3 drops to the affected area brings in good relief and reduces swelling too. Movement of blood is improved and thus it brings in positive changes.

Chamomile Oil – We have heard about the soothing effects of Chamomile tea. Quite similarly chamomile oil also is extremely soothing and helps in relieving the discomfort and heaviness that most feel while having enlarged veins. It is especially helpful after a long day’s work and continuous standing for long periods. Just use some chamomile oil mixed with organic coconut oil and rub it on to your legs before going to bed.

Other Essential oils – Rosemary and Lavender are also known to have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Cypress oil is considered to have the ability to constrict and tighten blood vessels and tissues. Thus, it promotes the flow of blood upwards in the veins. Pine and juniper berry are also beneficial.

The spider and varicose veins treatment Sydney can be first managed by good diet and exercise. A combination of herbal remedies can be tried too. To a large extent the pain, itching as well as swelling can be well addressed. Only if it gets complicated should one go in for invasive or drastic therapies.