What is Tantric Therapy and how can it Work?

What is Tantric Therapy and how can it Work?

Tantric therapy has gathered much interest and attention in recent years, particularly since rock star Sting, formerly of the super group Police, announced he enjoyed seven hour long tantric sex sessions with his wife Trudie Styler. Of course, that long period of sharing, caring and fulfilment included a romantic dinner and a film, which is perhaps a rather less publicised comment made by the Englishman in New York singer.

Tantric therapy is more about a coaching and counselling session that could, or does, involve bodywork and massage as an aid to treat trauma recovery, sexual addiction and even loss of libido. It has had some bad publicity, mostly from the sex industry which has sought to commercialise and exploit the practice for its own ends.  

Tantric therapy is a genuine healing method for sexual development and often involves workshops, individual consultations and general sexual coaching. It can be offered to individuals as well as couples.

Tantric massage therapy helps to improve sexual wellbeing. It is practiced to help improve sexual awareness and performance to new and higher levels experienced ever before. It can repair sexual tensions, poor performance, fears in the bedroom and can increase radiance and power when lovemaking occurs.

Tantric therapy also manages to teach oneself the importance of sexuality. It is a huge part of our lives, whether we are in a relationship or not. Men and women will think about sex at least once a day and some will actually think about something sexual hundreds of times in a given day.

Tantric massaging is a sensual and sexual experience that can, and often does, become confused with an erotic massage. It is administered by trained professionals and can make the person receiving a tantric or Yoni massage very well fulfilled and sexually charged following the experience.

All too often in sex, a woman can end up blocking her own sexual satisfaction as she feels an urgent need to please her partner. A tantric massage, performed alongside therapy and counselling, is aimed at giving direct sexual pleasure to the woman, while she will feel no burden of responsibility of having to please anyone but herself.

Tantric therapy for women that have experienced sexual abuse may be better when the sessions involve one-to-one healing sessions, before moving on to any form of massage. A trained therapist will recognise the delicacy of this area.