Know More about Anavar Anabolism

Know More about Anavar Anabolism

Being physically fit improves your chances of survival! Yes, this might seem cliché, but it is the solitary truth. One needs to stay strong both mentally and physically in order to tackle this mean world. People often neglect their health, eat junk, do not exercise, and attain a mundane stagnant lifestyle. This has led to acquiring severe heart diseases and enhanced the chances of various other lifestyle diseases like Obesity, diabetes, etc.

But fortunately, many people have become conscious of their existence. They have tried to change this style of living by involving daily exercise and healthy food.For some, staying in shape has become a passion. They just can’t rely on good food and rigorous exercise, but something more than that. At this point of time, comes products like dietary supplements and steroids which either help the body produce more growth hormones or supply exogenous hormones which control the body functions. One such hormone is Anavar. It is a controlled substance in the USA, which is only available if one shows the authorized prescription. It is also available at online stores in the US.


It’s a synthetic steroid, which helps in cutting fat in the muscles, provides strength and agility, and improves the vascularity so that the oxygen can reach each and every cell properly. The anabolic effects of this drug are adequate, but the androgenic effect is trivial. You may not achieve huge gains but Anavar helps in preserving muscles and developing them. It helps in gaining lean muscles. Anavar has the unique property to prevent extra water retention. There will be no water retention in between the muscle fibers and hence the bloating can be prohibited. Muscles will be tighter and with less fat (because, fat stores the most water).

Differential role of Anavar in Men and Women

Due to its mild androgenic property, Anavar is highly appreciated by the women bodybuilders and athletes. It is best for females because it will not bulk up the body. The drug can work both during the off-season as well as during cutting phase. Even if you are on a strict diet, Anavar will preserve the muscles. It also helps to augment the basal metabolism of the body. The dosage is also very low for females when compared to males. For males, the dosage needed to get the effect is quite high; they do not use the drug during the bulking cycle, but only for leaning out. Women need 10mg/day whereas men may need about 50 to 80 mg/day.  The cost is also pretty extravagant ($2 to 45 per 10 mg tablet)!


This drug is least harmful when comes to steroids in general. However if one does not have a controlled use, side-effects may arise. Remember, there is no exponential increase after a certain dose. The side-effects may range from mild to severe like normal hair fall, pattern baldness, coarse hair growth in females, gynecomastia, breakouts, testicular atrophy, high blood pressure, even heart and liver damage in some extreme cases.So, be precautious and understand the drug well first. You can buy from online stores in the US, just be aware of counterfeiting.