How to Better Cope With A Fast, Modern World

How to Better Cope With A Fast, Modern World

All of us understand how tiring and stressful modern life can be. Most of us are glued to our smartphones or a screen of some sort on most days, whether it is playing the latest game or catching up on work emails. In this context, modern life is a hive of activity and this gives us very little time to simply switch off. Indeed, most modern teenagers could never even imagine a world without electronic devices or such stimulation because they have grown up with it!

The Problem witha Fast Life

The rapid pace of life means that we are forever doing something. It means that our minds are always engaged and stimulated. Recent studies actually conclude that the human brain needs downtime and boredom in order to work at its best, otherwise it becomes unfocussed and strained. This life of overstimulation is simply not good for us either physically or mentally, and taxes us to the point where many of us simply crash or want to drop out.

Slowing Down and Feeding the Spirit

Where some people may seek the occasional spa treatment to attain some level of personal relaxation, the problem is that this is not truly unplugging from our stimulating environment. We may gain some reprieve, but the reality is that we need something a lot more focussed and calming to gain any benefits.

Floatation therapy has become a rather popular method of seeking a level of personal quiet time that other forms of relaxation do not offer enough of. A floatation tank is a small tank that is filled with a magnesium-rich purified water at a comfortable temperature. When you float in this tank, the lid is closed and you enter a sensory-deprived zone of comfort and relaxation that is unattainable anywhere else.

The Benefits of Floatation Therapy

The good news is that a float tank in North Beach can easily be hired so that you can simply and quickly disconnect from the world. The benefits of this are as follows:

  • Reflection: Time for personal reflection is important, but it is difficult to find this time in today’s world without feeling guilt or the anxiety of having to check emails or the latest online news sources. A float tank provides an environment where one can switch off, disconnect from all anxieties, and reflect on personal issues.
  • Pain and discomfort: Floating in a tank takes all of the stress and strain off our joints and muscles. This is benefit to those feeling physical aches and pains, and those who have injuries.

There is no doubt that the modern world provokes a lot of stress and personal anxiety. A single session in a float tank can help a person reconnect with themselves and their own priorities, allowing them a clarity of vision that is unavailable under normal circumstances.