The Benefits of a Cannabis Infused Massage

The Benefits of a Cannabis Infused Massage

The benefits of a massage for decreasing stress and reducing pain associated with a wide range of conditions is long established. Cannabis is also well-known for reducing stress and pain, so it seems quite fitting that massages and cannabis now go hand in hand.

Advantages of THC & CBD in a Cannabis Enhance Massage

Because cannabis can reduce pain and inflammation in the muscles of the person under massage, the therapist can complete a massage that will produce more effective results. The reduction of pain, inflammation, and anxiety allows the body to go into a state of deeper relaxation which enables the muscles to become a lot more loose, allowing the massage therapist to go more deeply to sooth the muscles.

What are the Benefits of Regular Massage?

Research has found that deep tissue massages are a long term effective and affordable solution to chronic back pain. Not only have studies found that regular massages decrease inflammation around the affected area, the research has also identified that there is an increase blood flow and reduced tension for the person under massage.

A massage specialist, who uses cannabis infused massage, has supported the treatment option. “The cannabis topical we have been using on our clients is able to effectively relax the muscles, allowing me to really manipulate the muscle to really provide a soothing effect. A lot of our clients say they feel a tingling when we first apply the topical, but that’s the only thing they notice – apart from the obvious benefit the treatment provides.”

She went onto say “I was able to quickly notice that people were able to relax a lot more during the massage and I didn’t find any resistance when I applied the strongest of pressures. This wouldn’t have been possible with the conventional creams we use.”

Cannabis massages are suitable for all age groups. Don’t worry, you won’t get a psychoactive effect on your brain when you use a cannabis topical for the purposes of massage. 

The Massager Benefits Too…

The advantages of a cannabis based massage doesn’t just benefit the client, but also the therapist. The job of the massage therapist is quite a physically demanding job, and they can be left with their own pain to deal with. Beth Twing, a massage therapist from Colorado Springs, said that there is less stress on her muscles when using the cannabis based topical compared to doing a normal massage. She said she used to get shooting pains and cramps in her hands after a long hard day, but she doesn’t get these anymore.

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