ADHD in Adulthood: Not Unbeatable, if Treated Properly

ADHD in Adulthood: Not Unbeatable, if Treated Properly

Many times ADHD remain unidentified throughout one’s childhood. Notably, like many other mental and health disorders ADHD or ADD was very much present in human life in the past. However, due to different lacking in the healthcare industry that time, often psychotherapists these days come across adults having ADHD or ADD. The simple equation is that instead of finding out the problems or reasons of the symptoms that you exhibited, your family men as well as teachers simply ignored the issues tagging you as lazy, troublemaker, and dreamer or just with ‘bad’ student symbol.

Nonetheless, the problem is still there and as you become young and start pursuing a career opportunity, plan for work more organized in your work place to satisfy your boss, or raise your family, you’re supposed to encounter varieties of hurdles and problems. This is because now the life demands you to perform in a more organized way.

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Do you find yourself constantly disorganized, untidy, forgetful, and late to all your appointments or become overwhelmed to perform general responsibilities. If so, despite making further delay, have a consultancy with a psychiatrist like Dr. Jonathan Lauter MD. Most possibly, you are having ADHD or ADD problem which can be better evaluated by the eminent physician. As per version of Dr. Jonathan that numbers of adults visit his clinic to consult about their frustrating actions. Undeniably, in your adulthood these kinds of problems can hinder your professional life as well as family life.

Don’t panic if you are diagnosed to have ADHD, because, despite the stage of its criticality, the disorder is not unbeatable. With effective education, therapy sessions and management you can become successful in your next turns.

Recognize your symptoms

The symptoms in adults with ADHD differ significantly with children and these are also uniquely found between patients.

  • Trouble concentrating/ Difficulty staying focused
  • Difficulty paying attention in things / Struggling to finish up your task
  • Continuously make errors/ Poor listening skill
  • Tendency to ignore important jobs/ Poor organizing ability
  • Forgetfulness/ Chronic lateness habit
  • Constant missing of things and more

Effects of ADHD in adults

Dr. Jonathan Lauter MD suggests with his long insight, that if you continuously face one or more problems stated above and even after many challenging efforts cannot overcome them, it is always better to get consultancy. Untreated ADHD can affect you in larger extent in the long run.

The problems include physical and mental health complications, such as anxiety, chronic stress, low self-esteem, panic disorder apart from hypertension, drug addiction and so on. This will make great impact on your financial position as well as in your place of work. Finally, it can bring problems in relationship in your family life.  

The specialization areas of Dr. Jonathan Lauter

  • ADHD and ADD in children, teen and adults
  • Hyperactive disorders in children and teens
  • Manic and Bipolar Disorder
  • Depression/ Insomnia/ Anxiety
  • Schizophrenia/ Autism  

Outfitted with a great team of experts specialized in Psychotherapy, Talk Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Counselors and other healthcare professional Dr. Jonathan has been committed to offer the finest class of mental healthcare services to his community people.