5 Benefits of Family Therapy in Depression Recovery

5 Benefits of Family Therapy in Depression Recovery

Family therapy is a form of therapy that involves working with members of a family to solve a problem. When it comes to treatment of depression, family therapy has many benefits. The individual affected by depression often has issues with family members which need to be addressed. Family members also need help in learning how to deal with the family member suffering from depression such as how to help them on bad days or how to determine if the feelings of depression are getting worse. There are many ways in which the individual suffering from depression can benefit from family therapy along with the other family members.

Learning More about Depression

One benefit is that family members can learn more about depression. Depression treatment centers offer family therapy sessions to help those involved with the patient learn more about the condition and how it is affecting their loved one. Many times, family members do not understand the aspects of depression, so going to family therapy helps to provide a level of understanding.

Learning How to Help

All that family members want is to help their loved one who is suffering from depression. With family therapy, family members learn various techniques that can be used to help the individual with depression. From breathing techniques for panic attacks to recognizing suicidal behavior, family members are given tools on how they can help the situation.

Working on Issues

For many individuals with depression, there are issues within the family. Perhaps a parent was less than supportive which led to depressive behaviors. Maybe a parent was abuse and the other parent looked the other way. Whatever the case may be, depression treatment centers offer family therapy to get to the root of the issue. The patient must focus on what triggered the depression or deep-rooted issues that are causing pain and sadness. This can involve tough family therapy sessions. With a therapist in place, these sessions can provide much-needed healing within the family.

Improved Communication

For many families, the breakdown of communication can be a major issue. For an individual dealing with depression, they may feel that they cannot speak to family members or they are not being heard. In family therapy, each family member has the ability to speak on topics that mean something to them. The therapist then helps the family learn how to communicate better. Once family members can talk without screaming at each other and each person is actually heard, the family can communicate effectively and work on the depression issues. Communication is a major issue that family therapy deals with as many patients feel that they are being ignored or not understood. Patients have to learn how to find their voice and be able to talk about how they are feeling, all the while being heard by family members.

Successful Treatment

Overall, studies have shown that with family therapy, treatment of depression is more successful. While the patient does need to focus on their own individual therapy sessions, taking on family therapy also ensures that the individual can work on issues with family members in a safe environment. Patients gain self-confidence being able to explain what they are going through with family members and by having a safe place in which to discuss issues within the family with a professional.

When going into treatment for depression, be sure to include family therapy within your program. Talk to family members and work on any issues that exist to be able to focus on the pathway to wellness, working on your depression. You will build a strong support system and work on issues that need to be repaired within your family to assist with the depression treatment.